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Brave Jet – Aerial Jet Flying Skyward Air Plane Simulator

Brave Jet – Aerial Jet Flying Skyward Air Plane Simulator. This endless sky runner challenges you to stay ahead of the storm.

Brave Jet – Aerial Jet Flying Skyward Air Plane Simulator


Genre:Adventure Developer:sentenier capital pty ltd

You want to fly high in a sky then you can enjoy this lively, vibrant flying game with new Brave jet-Ariel jet flying Skyward Air plane simulator. Stay ahead of the nasty storm, perform loops for killer combos and collect Valuable coins in this skyrunner game

Fly and flip

Enjoy this game with simple controls, just slide your fingers up and down and tap to activate the turbo boost. You can also create a cool combo by making your plane to create loops. There are so many obstacles you need to be careful like if you fly around any type of cloud it will slow down your plane and storm may catch up and watch out for lighting clouds that will take you down

Moving on up

When you continue to stay in flight by avoiding lighting and raise distance meter, You can level up to explore new skies to fly. Each environment is different and has there own obstacles. So be on your toes, beat the storm andlighting and keep flying.

Planes and turbo boosts

If you love playing skyrunner  game more and thought of makeing it still faster in this challenging game in the sky You can grab more turbo tanks with your coins or a planes. Since your goal is to stay in the sky ahead of the storm. For additional items purchase in game store and additional coins can be grabbed while flying


Brave Jet – Aerial Jet Flying Skyward Air Plane Simulator has charming soundtrack and bright and rich colorful graphics with right amount of challenges. I think you lwill love infinite sky runners and should definitely check this out. The game is designed for iPhone and iPad in -app purchase is avilable for fules and coins



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