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Boozed n Busted By KraziLogic [Review]

Boozed_Busted_1I keep playing games whenever I get free time and I will be bored playing the same ones. So I will always be in search of unique and creative games.

When I checked out Boozed and Busted a 3D simulation game, I was thrilled. It’s a unique game by KraziLogic.


In Boozed n Busted you will play the role of Jason Boozman. He is a young lad abandoned by the very person he loved the most on their anniversary. So Jason gets drunk in a bar, and asks his friend to drop him to his home.

On their way, Jason’s friend stops by at a donut shop. It’s here that Jason couldn’t control his high and gets himself caught by the police for public intoxication and inappropriate behavior (He was singing Morning Blues in a loud and disturbing tone and intoxicated state of mind).


The cops have no intention to go easy on him and require him to pass three types of sobriety tests. If he passes he is a free man, else he is going to be in serious trouble with the law. Your task is to help poor Jason and prove his sobriety.


The design of the game is extremely magnificent. The controls in Boozed n Busted are simple and easy to learn. The gameplay is so exhilarating that it keeps your finger busy. The background music is enthralling and makes you keep playing.


The graphics in Boozed n Busted are stunningly beautiful. It appeals to anyone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to their games.

In Boozed n Busted there are three levels. All are equally fun and challenging. The game has exciting achievements to get you to the leaderboard.

Boozed_Busted_5You got to pass all the tests the cops have for Jason to prove his sobriety. I am really addicted to this game. The game is available in play store as well as in app store. I am sure the infuriating difficulty level will make you play again and again. Have fun playing Boozed n Busted.
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