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Legend in Lost Frontier

Become a Legend in Lost Frontier, In MikaMobile’s Strategy Game.

Lost Frontier

Genre:Action & adventure Developer:Mika Mobile

Lost Frontier is developed by Mika Mobile Inc. Its a turn-based strategy game Where its all about Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. If you’re a fan of strategy game which includes Zombieville and Battleheart series of games then you will enjoy Mika Mobile’s. Startegy games are really popular games but I am not good at them still I feel give them some try due to its storyline and gameplay type The Top-down map strategy games are Fire Emblem and Advance Wars  are popular games I have played several Fire Emblem titles game but not Advance war games. several years ago i was playing original Battleheart which is an RPG games with light light strategy elements Ever since then I a big fan of Mika Mobile then I heard about Lost Frontier its a nice game. I couldn’t resist its so interesting from Mika Mobile


I feel in terms of Visuals, Lost Frontiers reminds me a lot of the original game Battleheart, The game has a cute Little cartoon character  art style that is what Mika Mobile known for and the details of the Wild west environment are rather detailed for their toon-like nature. The colors used in the game are soft and hues with rich and vibrant, and all the text is easy to read so don’t need to struggle whats going on. And  speaking about animations they are buttery smooth and Zero lag on Iphobe6s plus

You can see there are three modes available in Lost Frontier:Story, Challenges and Maps and custom game. However story mode is the starting mode since then as you progress other two levels are unlocked . And you can start from their own unique style and will bring out the best potentials in the units you choose to play.

If you start your level with three there are nine of them so last six youl’ll have to unlock. In the battle field there are 20 different unit types that you can recruit. In order to use you have to discover them all. Each units have there own strengths and weakness such as Sniping Riflemen, Cannons, Zeppelins, Close-range and even Werewolves and Necromancers at some points.

As you start off story mode, You’ll get to choose the level you want to play and they will level up as your complete missions. You can choose any Legend before diving in, though you probably should replay old maps to level up the Legends you haven’t used. When Legends level up they will gain more properties that boost your team, such as more health or increased damage. If you complete objectives you will earn three stars on each map.

If you’ve played Fire Emblem or Advance wars, then you should know how the gamplay works. Each level featured different grid map and layout that has advantageous and disadvantageous terrain, enemies to fight and saloons to capture for unit recruitment both you and the enemy AI take turns moving your units around, which can be done by tapping to select the unit you want, Then choose to move another square in the blue range and then capturing a red square, healing green square or waiting. Each unit types will have there own limitations, which include attack range and movement also to check whether it can move and attack in the same turn and more. In health bar you can see units like attacking and enemies attack.

One thing to note that counter attack is more powerful than anything else so. Gunslingers are close combat they can do counter attack but rifleman are ranged units which are not  And wounded units do less attack.

Once you have completed your action on all of your units of your turn, you can end it by tapping the menu button in the right corner by choosing end Turn. The reason for not auto-ending is due to you can hire more units during your turn. So its you to check out the map and see if you need more backup. You can have other option in the menu like save and exit. You can choose this option when you don’t have time to complete a stage or you can surrender when you find out you have defeated. You have to capture saloons and other buildings to hire more units during battle. To capture a saloon your units should attack the building until reach the hit points. More hire cost money which you can find in the beginning of the stage. Think you loose legendary unit and need to recruit him again which costs more, so keep him alive- other units are cheaper and you want to make sure that legendary boosts power. Its better you go story mode first before taking any challenge Maps, since enemies are at max level and have all bonuses perks unlocked, though you are able to recruit any unit type in the game. In this game no online multiplayer, may be developers can consider in that in future.




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