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AppSwitch – A real data manager By xtendum gmbh


AppSwitch – Your everyday data apptimizer by xtendum gmhb is a must have data manager app in play store.

There are many data manager apps out there in play store but I always like to explore new ones. And when AppSwitch hit my inbox, I immediately installed to check it out as I was intrigued by its simple design.

Here is why I say it a must have app. I have checked many data manager apps, most of them only track the internet usage of your apps. But AppSwitch  enables you to actively manage your mobile data usage, It lets you also selectively block apps from using mobile data.


AppSwitch features a simple and clean aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye while also being intuitive to use. The app features a light background so that your apps are the primary focus, and the light green switches contrast nicely with the overall color theme. The navigations and scrolls in the app are very smooth.

Its a very easy to use app. To configure the apps you first have to select any profile (home/abroad). If you want to allow internet access, set the AppSwitch to green, if you want to block the internet-access, switch it to grey. You can also activate/deactivate all apps at a time via menu on top right.

By default, the apps which never access the internet will not be listed. But you can make them visible via the menu. You can turn AppSwitch on or off by clicking the umbrella. Open umbrella means, AppSwitch protects your data usage.


* Save data volume * 

You often overdraw your data plan or get charged overage fees? With a Switch of selected apps to WIFI only you actively manage your data consumption and save data volume to avoid overage costs.

* Stay connected on-tour *

Create an individual roaming profile – it will be activated automatically in roaming areas. Allow only the essential travel apps to access to your mobile data plan and cut your roaming costs to a minimum to prevent a cost shock.

* Track data usage *

You want to know which app are using the most data? AppSwitch is also an app tracker. You can easily control & monitor data usage of your apps.

* Lower your costs *

AppSwitch optimizes your network traffic through control of your data usage. Just switch off the data for unused apps. This prevents extra charges and you save money minimizing unneeded roaming costs.

Here are some examples in which areas AppSwitch supports users:

AppSwitch is a real data manager:

Monitor internet usage: As with every other data manager the data tracker shows the usage per app e.g. in a monthly report

Manage data usage: Most data managers only track internet usage while AppSwitch can actively helps you to stay under your data limit

Extend Android Functions: With AppSwitch you cannot only you block background data usage but all mobile internet usage for selected apps

Optimize your data plan: Family plan, Shared data, Shared plan, Roaming data – AppSwitch optimizes all existing data plans

Save money: You reduce data usage and avoid overage charges



AppSwitch is a great app for travel:

– On holiday trips you stay connected and avoid an overrun international data plan

– In countries you are not familiar with you still can use apps to explore the area and find your way

– Blocking all unneeded apps during travel helps to minimize data roaming costs and thus avoid roaming bill shocks

– Even if you buy a cheap roaming sim card, there is often not much data included. AppSwitch helps you to optimize the data usage of foreign SIMs.

It is a perfect app for business:

– On business travels you can stay online and prevent a bill shock for your business

– AppSwitch helps to reduce overall costs for your company

How does AppSwitch work?

– A totally save local VPN connection on your device is build up to manage data streams

– You need ‘no root’ to use AppSwitch

– AppSwitch has a low Energy usage


Data saver: Allow or block data usage for selcted apps and extend your data plan benefit (home: block unused apps like tripit, tripadvisor etc.;abroad: block Pokémon, Netflix, Snapchat..)

Datamanager: Monitor network traffic of your apps and identify which apps consume the most Data

– Auto start profiles after reboot or at activation of new profile (e.g. changing cellular network at the border)

– Local app firewall for all your apps

– Working above Android 4.0

– Works in 3G, 4G, 4G+, LTE

– No Ads: AppSwitch promise to save data volume, therefore they do not show any unneeded ads

I have already set my profiles, I highly recommend you to check out AppSwitch – Your everyday data apptimizer, it is a must-have application which you should be running on your android device. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE 3-DAY-TRIAL NOW!


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