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Albert & Otto a game to uncover dark secrets of 1939 Germany With Albert & Otto

Albert & Otto if you enjoy creepy, but fun, puzzle platformers with an engaging story and uncover the Dark Secrets of 1939 Germany With Albert & Otto

Albert & Otto

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Mokuni LLc

Albert & Otto by Mokuni LLc is a  haunting puzzle game platformer that is reminiscent to classic LIMBO. If you like to play with black and white platformer world then you will definitely try Albert & Otto as well. When I was grewing up, I think I would spend times classic platforms like original super mario Bros. As a kid, I didn’t think about strategy game and how to solve it. I just love to push buttons and just see what happens on the screen. and as I grew older learnt more about strategy game and how to solve puzzle and now i just cann’t get enough of them. When LIMBO came out  I just thought why can’t  give one try then it was quit challenging and fun. When I saw Albert & Otto on the App store, I was intrigued enough to play the game. However, unlike LIMBO, Albert & Otto has much sharper graphics,dreamscape environment you enter. In fact the game carries minimalist design, with rough shading on elements. And the foreground is full of beautifully designed architecture since game is similar to LIMO, you’ll only find shades of black, gray, and white in the game, and shards of drawings you should need to collect.  And game has an atmospheric and hunting soundtrack that involves you in the game. So I recommend using your favorite pair of headphones while playing.


The gameplay Albert & Otto is a challenging and interesting game. The story takes you to a creepy place, and in the year 1939, Germany their was mysterious girl with bunny ears, who has a companion  red bunny named Otto. In the gameplay you will find who the  girl is and only help you have is Otto. Who you slowly findout as you set out on the journey with Albert. When you start your journey in this Venture to the Germany settings, You’ll come to know who the girl is through painting shards and letters in the mailbox that contain child like drawings. And there’s a smooth transition between each level so that you are not interrupted in between gameplay and you will come to know about new level is when the chapter title reveals in the beginning. You can replay your specific chapters when you’ve completed, with the chapter select screen. The controls in the game are simple, To move left and right, you can use joystick and the bottom left corner, To jump you can find bottom right corner with jump button. And ability to double jump can be gained once you find the Otto rabbit, who you can pick, drop and remotely control with a touch of a button. Albert is also equipped with a pistol,  which can be used to shoot down the crows and other enemies by placing your finger right side of the screen Aim and shoot it. You can also move out and in of a building with the button that shows up as you’re in front of a door, or interact with switches in same manner. Pushing objects is done just moving forward. Sometimes obstacles can shoot with gun make sure keep an eye on things on the rope that can be shoot. Like I said, The controls might be easy, but they could be rather more effective because they are sensitive, because sometimes rather to aim. it was hard to get correctly line like where I wanted to shoot. I am still early on the game because its rather challenging and some platforms will take you all your skill to succeed. I think control sensitivity has to improve a bit but its quit manageable in its current state, I am really addicted with dark and eerie visuals with soundtracks. At present Otto & Albert has only one episode but more will be coming in future.






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