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Top 5 Games of the week july 2016



A strategy based game for you and your friends, Warbit offers the chance to battle through 20 different fights, and you even get to choose from 5 different environments, and the graphics are extremely colourful and good. You can either play locally against friends or even have online opponents. Costing 2.99 pounds, it works well on both iPhone and iPad.

Fallen London

2 game

 A literary RPG game with a Victorian setting, this free to download game comes with multiple characters to choose from. You can walk through the streets of a Gothic London which has succumbed to Hell, and as you go, you continue to collect your fortune. However, this app also has some in-app purchases.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2


 The Much awaited sequel to Marvel: Avengers Alliance, this game offers a whole lot more when it comes to beating up the bad guys and the villains. You can have a 3-to-3 combat as well as customize your heroes as you move up each level. This is free to download with some in-app purchases.

Egz – The Origin of the Universe

4 game

Though this game costs you almost 3 pounds to download, those who have played, agree that it is worth the money. With simple yet pretty graphics and an even better soundtrack, it offers you a staggering 80 different levels that you can cross by rolling your eggs.


5 game

Basically, you have to slam your ball across your opponents and with each successful level, you earn coins. Using these coins, you can unlock new characters. You need to be online for newer levels and characters. It is free to download with some in-app purchases as you move up.

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