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Top 10 Mobile games made in Japan

These are Top 10 Mobile Games made in Japan you Won’t put Down

1.Ritoru Noa

j1      Android

It’s the game of female Alchemist named Noah supported by rough and tumble creatures to fight against giants, win the crown and clear stages. It has got very beautiful theme.

2.Fate/Grand Order



As we know Japanese are very creative and crazy about developing RPG Games. They have Creative style to develop those Games one of them is Fate/Grand Order. Which has got extremely designing skills. Enjoy playing this adventurous game.

3.Brain Dots



This is a Drawing Brain Training App.its all about bumping two balls looks simple but actually very tricky,creative puzzle .Game makes player to use his/her imagination.

4.Crash Fever



Crash  Fever is hybrid Game and RPG Fighting Game,combining colour –Matching Puzzle Game.Player needs to play colour –Matching Game which decides the strength of the fighter,its defence and power-ups.

5.Brain Wars



This Game is a challenging Game it increases your brain power and concentration. Players enjoy Puzzles,Crosswords, Sudoku, and other brain teasers; anyone can play this Game without any need of special knowledge.

6.Specter Watch PuniPuni


Android  Ios

This Game is free to play,it aslo combines RPG color-matching mini –games.Enviorment is similar to pokeman universe.It offers in –game purchase if you still want to enjoy game further

7.White Cat Project

j7Android Ios
White cat project is action RPG Game with simple control and Can be played with one finger.movement and fighting will be controlled by simply tapping rapidly through thumb.Special skills can be achieved swiping in the area and directions set for them.This was a hit game last year Downloaded more than 12 million times in first two and half month.

8.HellFire: The Summoning


Android Ios

Hellfire:the summoning this game is very popular in west downloaded more than 10 million on google store with average rating of 4.3. This game is one of the most visually spectacular games ever released on Android it has got beautiful artwork

9.Monster Strike


Android  Ios

Monster strike is completely free to download you can play with your friends and family.Monster strike features cooperate to destroy powerful enimes. Collect and raise an ever-growing roster of monsters.Its the best game globally as well and has eye catching artwork

10.Puzzle and Dragons

j10Android Ios

Puzzle and dragons is multiplayer mode,free to download and play built up monster team to Challenge enemies and defeat them.there is in-app purchase available to expand game-play experience.

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