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Best mobile games made in Indonesia

Here are the 10 popular games made by the Indonesian developers, which are highly-downloaded and highly-rated. Few like Ninja Fishing, Ramen Chain, Icon pop Quiz and many more.

1.Infinite Sky


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Infinite Sky is a fun airplane shooter game where the player is given a fighter plane needed to fight against an endless onslaught of enemies and win the game. Upgrade your plane by collecting coins and completing missions.





Graple is the Indonesian version of the dominoes game. It has eye catching graphics and a lot of customization rules, that can be played by players of all ages. This game can be played with two, three or four players as well, also can be played making two teams .





Billionaire is a game of making new business, its main aim is to extend your business and become a true billionaire. You can compete with your friends, celebrities and top-business men, it’s a free game that doesn’t offer in app-purchase and its also a very creative game.

.4.Marbel Belajar Huruf




Belajar Huruf is a education game for children aged between 2-6. This game helps your kids to learn alphabets, Uppercase, Lowercase letters and names of uncountable objects. It also features 7 mini-games that help children who are not yet fluent in reading and learning.

5.Ramen Chain




Ramen Chain is a strategy game in which you need to operate your restaurant using your management skills. Through this game you will learn all the recipes, get to know your customers well and get a fast hand in cooking. The game tests your Ramen making skills and your managing skills. It has 500 challenging levels and a lot of mini games.

6.Ninja Fishing



Ninja Fishing is similar game to fruit ninja. It is a Highly addictive game. This game is all about pulling out as much as fish you can on a single hook. Cast your hook as deep as you can, then use katana-powered touch technique to slice the scaly fish right out of the water for maximum gold profit. You can go fishing in 6 different islands and collect over 80 rare treasures.

7.Marbel Belajar Mengaji




Marbel Belar Mengaji is a Educational game for kids. It teaches children Basic Letters of Quran and how to read and write. It has audible audio for each letter to make kids easy to learn and its designed for children aged between 2-6.

8.Icon Pop Quiz




Icon Pop Quiz Challenges players to guess hit movies, TV shows and characters using imaginative and handcrafted visual inspired. Answer quickly and accurately to win the highest scores and compete against friends worldwide on game center. So have fun playing this awesome puzzle Game.

9.Tebak Gambar




Tebak Gambar is a creative Puzzle game similar to Icon Pop quiz, This game is played by setting pieces of pictures to form new vocabulary which is adapted from Daily happening events, funny phrases. You can enjoy this game with more than 100 puzzle available in market.

10.Diponegoro – Tower Defense



Diponegoro – Tower Defense –Prince Diponegoro is national hero of Indonesia. He opposed the Dutch colonial rule and had important part I java war(1825-1830). This game will not explain history of the prince instead only want to know about national hero to defend java territory. The game features six towers and 26 level to be completed.

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