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Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game set inside a pop-up book

Tengami a beautiful crafted pop-up book world game that takes you to a mysterious place to solve a puzzle while enjoying great music by David Wise with cool visual Arts.


Developer:Nyamyam Limited

Tengami is an adventure game set inside a Japanese pop-up book. Solve awesome puzzles and discover secrets in a flip, fold and slide to a beautifully crafted paper world. In this mysterious journey of 3D pop-up book enjoy experiencing dark forests, tranquil mountain waterfalls and abandoned shrines.Try to uncover secrets behind the lone dying cherry tree and get back its life by retrieving cherry blossoms from each location.


There are various levels of puzzles as you progress through each level. The game doesn’t instruct you instead you need to figure it out. It features 
a beautiful and original soundtrack by composer David Wise to accompany your adventure journey, attractive graphic design, eye-catching paper art and folding work.The game takes you inside a Japanese fairy tale due to its striking visual effects. Tengami is a awesome game with no in-app purchase and no in-game advertisements. The wonderful package of sights and soundtracks is what takes tengami above average adventure game.


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