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Serkit Social Messenger By Serkit Me [Review]

New_Serkit_1Serkit Social Messenger by the developers at Serkit Me is a magnificent chat application bundled with lot of features to make text messaging more fun. This wonderful app lets you chat for free with anyone else who owns the app. Serkit Social Messenger is a perfect blend of Facebook of and Whatsapp experience in a simple fresh seamless UI.

New_Serkit_2The design of the app is simple and elegant, just like how a messenger app should be. It is very user friendly. The team at Serkit Me has thought of all the shortcomings in all the existing messenger apps in the play store and have come up with a superb application to give all the features which the users really needed the most.

New_Serkit_3JPGTo talk about its features, using Serkit Social Messenger you can send text, photo, video, audio messages and any type of file to your friends and family. Yes you are right, these features are already present in most of the messenger apps.

New_Serkit_4But let me tell what makes Serkit Social Messenger the Best Messenger app.

  • In Serkit Messenger you can reply to messages to create a conversation within chat.
  • You can make any chat PRIVATE by hiding it in single tap. The Chats can be locked with PIN code to protect it from prying eyes. Also the Lock is synchronized across multiple devices.
  • You can LIKE your friends messages with a tap.
  • You can shoot videos and snap selfies or other photos right from the app and send them with one tap.
  • Multi-Forward : Forward messages to multiple chats/groups simultaneously.New_Serkit_5
  • Recall a Message: Delete a sent message from both sender and receiver history permanently. This feature works on group chat too.
  • You can edit the text message that you have sent and the changes will be reflected on receivers phone immediately.
  • Send PHOTO SELFIE in single tap without leaving chat.
  • Inline video play: Play VIDEO messages without leaving current chat.
  • Multi-device: Serkit messenger will synchronize your messages on all your devices. Just authenticate via same phone number. Lock code, locked chats, edits, likes, comments, recalled messages are all synchronized across devices.
  • Support both phone number and username: Serkit messenger works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone’s existing address book. If you want, you can create a username so that your friends can identify you using that.

New_Serkit_6I have been using Serkit Social Messenger  and already have a lot of friends using it. It is the  best Messenger app in the store right now and if you do a lot of texting, this app is a must-have, giving you unlimited free texts with all your friends without having to worry about any extra charges, even internationally.


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