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Dominoes Striker By Maysalward(MRD) [Review]


The team behind one of the Top Downloadable game on the AppStore “Dominoes Pro” have come up with an exciting and titillating game Dominoes Striker.


The game Dominoes Striker has a magnificent design. It has a very stylish aesthetics and no doubt you will fall in love with it on first sight.

The colors in Dominoes Striker add to the unique aesthetic, as it combines with the green background and some light and dark colors that look great in contrast.


The game Dominoes Striker will give you ultimate fun and challenging Dominoes Experience with a Football/Soccer Spirit in one Game.


The controls in Dominoes Striker are simple and responsive. To top things of the music in sync with the gameplay make the acts scintillating.


In Dominoes Striker you can play a Quick Match, Cup or Championship. The game teases and challenges your sporting genes.


I highly recommend you to check out Dominoes Striker. Seriously you won’t be able to resist the Dominoes and Football/Soccer Spirit in one game. Dominoes Striker is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is available for free on the App Store.

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