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6 to 1 Number Puzzle Free By Poole Gaming Limited

6to1_4Are you a fan of brain training games? Are you looking for new counting games to sharpen your arithmetic skill? We bring you 6 to 1 Countdown game for FREE, the latest and most addictive math puzzle on iPhone. Discover how far you can advance in our newest number puzzle game, where you have to perform a quick count and create the perfect equation to finish each level successfully and advance to the next. Are you the first one to beat all 1000 levels?

6to1_3The rule and gameplay of 6 to 1 countdown game is very simple: for each level, we will give you a target number. We will also provide 6 numbers. Your task is to create an equation from 2 numbers to produce the target number. Sounds easy right? This number game will get progressively harder, but then after you play this number puzzle for a while, you should be able to count fast easily.

We all depend too much on our phone’s calculator some times that we lose our mathematic skill pretty quick after we finish school. Now you can practice your arithmetic ability just like when you were at school and doing math equation in math lessons. Unlike your school years though, this countdown game a FUN way to brain train yourself.

Kids also learn best when they have some fun. That is why many math education apps are made to engage kids in playful and competitive way. Kids love to play all kinds of games, including math puzzle games. 6 to 1 is a perfect math game for kids that will help them doing well in their math education, especially in arithmetic and equation. Install this counting game on your device and let your kids have fun learning and playing at the same time solving number puzzle. You will have your kids perform accurate and fast count in no time without having to force them to study for their math lessons.

6to1_1============ 6 to 1 Countdown Game TOP features: ============
• This number game is FREE to install and play forever.
• Minimalist and attractive graphic design.
• Play this number puzzle countdown game offline.
• Straightforward math puzzle gameplay: you have to choose 2 from the 6 numbers provided to you. Add, subtract, multiply, or divide them to create the math equation that will produce the target numbers within 60 seconds.
• Repeat the level after you fail.
• Start from the last level you fail so you won’t have to repeat the previous math puzzle you have successfully solved.
• Over 1000 number puzzles to engage you for hours of exciting brain train sessions.
• Incremental difficulty. The game gets harder as the level progresses. This game will keep challenging you until you have finished all levels. It will keep you on your toes and will not let you win easily.
• Practice and improve your quick count skill!
• Challenge your friends and see who can dominate the Leaderboard. Show them your superior countdown math skill!

6to1_2If you are looking for brain training games, look no further than 6 to 1. Everyone from kids to adult will enjoy playing and trying out our countdown math app. Count fast and see if you get the equation right! Don’t be deceived if you feel like the number puzzle is too easy at first. It will get progressively more difficult and challenging and that is good! No one wants boring brain train apps that are too easy to solve.

Parents, 6 to 1 is a kid friendly game because it does not contain any graphic or content that is not suitable for kids. If you have concern over their arithmetic skill in their math lessons, try to engage them with this math game for kids to sharpen their quick count skill. They will love to show off to their friends and have a friendly competition on who can reach higher level faster. It is a perfect way to have them perform better on their math education and combine it with play sessions.


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