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The Top Five Apps of the Week June 2016

Which apps has the world of cellphones and technology been buzzing about this week? Let’s take a brief look at the five hottest apps of the week.

Somme 100

This app brings to you the details of the battle of Somme which was fought from 1 July to 18 November 1916. Developed by Dan Snow along with The Royal British Legion, this app combines stories, letters, poems by soldiers, videos and audio recordings as well as questions from Professor Sir Hew Strachan. Downloading is free.

Lumi News

lumi news

What makes it special is that it brings you news from all across the world, based on which news you read on the internet, and which ones you skip. The good thing is that this app brings you local as well as global news from trusted sites and you can read them irrespective of whether you are online or offline.



This app is designed to save you tons of time. What basically happens with this app, is that you can send quick and immediate replies directly without even opening whatever messaging app you have been using on your phone. This app supports Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp and many more.

WRIO Keyboard


This is for the ones who are all thumbs. It basically provided error free typing with large keys, so that there are zero errors. You can type in multiple languages at once without switching. It costs 2.49 pounds with other in built purchases.



Basically a travelling app, it will show you maps, which you can share with your friends. You can also store a bunch of notes and pinpoint several tourist attractions, clubs, restaurants and so on which you want to visit. It also gives you comprehensive directions. Downloading costs 1.29 pounds.

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