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Asteroid Zone By XIANG YU YIN

Asteroid Zone By XIANG YU YIN is a thrilling space action game. The games like this are fun and challenging. The reason I like games like these are you can play whenever you have a little free time and also you can put it down easily.


The gameplay of Asteroid Zone looks simple but as you move forward the difficulty increases and so does the thrill.


All you have to do is shoot the asteroids coming in your away to protect your space ship and take it to new planets where you will get more space ships. You can shoot lasers to destroy the asteroids and also you can activate your shield to protect your space ship from asteroids.


In terms of visuals, Asteroid Zone is beautiful. The design is magnificent; especially the space ships are elegant and well crafted. And the design of the shield is superb. The animations are fairly smooth and fluid. The controls are simple and responsive.


Whenever I get a little free time I just start playing Asteroid Zone, its really challenging. I recommend givingĀ Asteroid Zone a try if you are looking for a fun and a challenging game. You have 13 spaceships to unlock and 12 planets to discover, what are you waiting for? Start playing and have fun.

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