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16Tiles Picture Puzzle Game [Review]

When it comes to games, puzzles is what I love to play often. Puzzles throw you a challenge to put on your thinking hat.

And now I have started playing 16Tiles Picture Puzzle Game and its really a addictive and challenging game.

The gameplay of 16Tile is fun when we get to choose pictures from our own gallery and play.


All you have to do is select the picture from your gallery crop the picture to your desired area to play by moving picture around to select the crop area.

And then you have to tap Play when you are ready to solve. The picture splits into 16 tiles and then the tiles are shuffled.


The 16Tiles Picture Puzzle Game has very simple and elegant design and no doubt will appeal to anyone who likes minimalistic approach in a game.

The visuals in 16Tiles Picture Puzzle Game are minimal something I always like to see in games like these.


The Challenge in 16Tiles Picture Puzzle Game is to put the 16 tiles of the picture back together by tapping the tiles in the correct sequence, starting from left to right.

You get to continue in the game only if you make a right choice because the wrong choice will make you begin all over again.

There are 8 levels for solving the same picture and every level increases the thrill and the fun.


Puzzle of the Week is a weekly challenge to the 16 tiles community to solve a picture of the week. The picture of the week will be played at Level 8. Here there is no limit to the attempts, only your skill and speed decides your position on the leaderboard.

I have been enjoying the game till now and I highly recommend checking it out on your own.



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