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Reddy: Cyber city [Review]


Reddy: Cyber city by Slava Bunkov is a futuristic action platform game that will keep you entertained for hours. I grew up with platformer games, so it is no surprise that I will always have a soft spot for them.

The graphics in Reddy: Cyber city are pixelated and retro, which should appease any gamer who grew up in the golden age. The animations in the game are fairly smooth and the sound effects are pleasing.


In Reddy: Cyber city you arrive in hostile Cyber city with a mission to eliminate all enemy bots. The controls in the game are simple and responsive. You have to destroy all enemy bots to go to next stage.

Its been a while I started playing Reddy and I am enjoying it, the challenging games like these make you think before you take action. They’re also great for playing whenever you have some time, because it can last for just a few minutes, or longer if you’re doing well.


Reddy: Cyber city is an exciting game which not only teases one’s gaming skills but also entertains you to keep playing as it has an excellent gameplay. If you are a fan of action platforming games, then Reddy: Cyber city is worth checking out. There are only 9 levels available in lite version of the game. I highly recommend you to try the full version for more challenges.

Reddy: Cyber city (lite)

Reddy: Cyber city (full)

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