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Jumping Cube Saga By Johnathan Gong [Review]


Jumping Cube Saga by Johnathan Gong is one of those games that will keep you hooked for a long time. I have been playing lot of endless games but I was waiting for something different, that is when I found  Jumping Cube Saga.


The game Jumping Cube Saga has very simple and elegant design and no doubt will appeal to anyone who likes simple approach in a game. The visuals in Jumping Cube Saga are minimal and elegant something I always like to see in games like these.


The basic gameplay of Jumping Cube Saga is pretty simple, but it amuses as well as challenges your intrinsic skill. The controls are pretty easy in the game, as all you have to do is tap the screen to jump.


The colors in the game are also fantastic, the combinations are soothing to the eyes. The music that runs in the background is so enthralling. The games like these keeps me coming back over and over again for the fact that I can always improve on my previous score.

I recommend giving Jumping Cube Saga a go if you love challenging games.

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