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Infinite Movement By Escudo Gaming

Infinte Movement 2

Infinite Movement is a 2D platform game for android where you are constantly running and you have to jump onto platforms and collect coins to increase your score. Scores are saved to a leader board which you can then compete against your friends and other players around the globe. The game is easy to play, you just need to tap the screen to jump or double tap to double jump.

Infinte Movement 1

There are 3 levels of platforms you can play on, the bottom level has the biggest reward in coins but is the hardest to play on due to the 2nd level being close to the bottom level so you don’t have a lot of space to jump up from, you also have a short distance you can fall before you die when playing on the bottom level.

The top level is the easiest to play on but the reward is not very high due to the coin spawn not being high. This game is an infinite game and cannot be completed, You need to see how long you can last and try get your score as high as you possibly can to beat your friends high scores. This game does get addictive when you competing with friends.

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