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CritDice – Dice Roller By VueSoft LLC


I have used many Dice Roller Apps but when I checked CritDice – Dice Roller I just had to say good bye to all the others. CritDice – Dice Roller has a very neat, elegant and shipshape design and a very easy to use interface.


I also love the use of color in CritDice, as the vibrant colors compliment the blacks nicely. The quick and easy interface in CritDice – Dice Roller  allows you to add or subtract different dice values in seconds.

The app has a help option which directs to the website which gives the description about how to use the app that will help you get started.


In CritDice the inputs are using standard notation and the results are completely random. The dice are rolled either by tapping the Roll button or just by shaking your device. The results will be then displayed in a large pop up enabling the users to have a easy and clear view. Also you have a option called “Speak results” in sound configuration which will announce the results loudly.

CritDice4  CritDice5

CritDice  has a simple dice calculator which supports many dice types, combinations of dice, and modifiers.

CritDice6 CritDice7

I highly recommend to check out this new Dice Roller app. Visit the CritDice website for more details, news, and how-to guides.

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