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Chibi Great Escape: Donuts! [Review]


Chibi Great Escape: Donuts! by the developers at Midas Mind is an addictive and intensive casual style arcade game.


I play a lot of games and I enjoy those types of games that you can just play in quick sessions throughout the day. The kind of games that fall in this criteria are puzzle games and arcade games, and that’s the reason I was drawn to Chibi Great Escape in the first place.


No doubt Chibi Great Escape has a challenging gameplay but let me talk about its design first. In Chibi Great Escape the visuals are minimal and elegant.The animations are simply brilliant. The myriad colours in the game enhance the environment.


The music in Chibi Great Escape is superb, and the sound effects are delightful. The controls are simple, you just have to command the Colourful, fun and cute little Chibi to escape from the dangerous donuts but don’t forget to collect the coins. The challenge ascends the longer you survive and so does the thrill.


Chibi Great Escape is definitely a gem for all those who love arcade games. I highly recommend to check out Chibi Great Escape on your own. No doubt you will be addicted.

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