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Trigger- discover trending news, articles, stories and buzz first [Review]


Trigger- discover trending news, articles, stories and buzz first By the developers at MobiusBobs Inc is an excellent America’s News App.

If you love News Apps that not only look good but also updates you with the latest news throughout the day which matters you the most then its worth  checking out Trigger.  People who love to read and share content on mobile, no doubt will fall in love with Trigger, a sociable news aggregator that does things differently.


The first thing in Trigger that caught my eyes was its design, its incredibly magnificent. The contents are nicely categorized which makes the user easy to select what he wants to read. The app allows you to skim through the headlines and you just have to tap on it if you want to read more about it.

The browsing is easy in Trigger as it has a very intuitive and an elegant interface. In Trigger once you have read the news, you can post your comments as well. You can also make list of your favorites.

The reason why Trigger separates from the rest of the news app is, it hand-picks the best sources and uses a “social momentum” curation algorithm so that you get only the good stuff. Also by using the “Overlooked” feature in Trigger you can find the things which you and your friends care about but haven’t read yet.

The best feature in Trigger is that it doesn’t give you the same stuff always. It matches  your mood at the flip of a switch, instantly changing from serious to more lighthearted content.


The apps also saves your history which is a plus. You can receive the notifications of your favorite collections or new comments based on your settings.

I recommend giving Trigger- discover trending news, articles, stories and buzz first a look if you want a fast and streamlined way to stay on top of the stories that matter to you the most.

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