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Shark Run Extreme Edition By Jatek82studio


Shark Run is an exciting and unique game by the developers at Jatek82studio. After playing series of endless runners, the match 3 puzzles, I was in search of a game which is different and that is when I came across the game Shark Run.


Shark Run is an unexampled game with the unique gameplay. There is a story behind the game. Mr. Shippy is a great marine, when his ship starts sinking and for some strange reasons all of their electric instruments fails to work.

As a brave marine he is the only one, who decides to save the crew and tries to swim to the nearest land, but Mr. Shippy is aware of the dangers that lurk in the sea, but despite of that his heroism to save his crew is stronger.


He decides to swim through the sea to seek help to his fellow marines. He could not foresee the dangers in the sea.



The graphics in Shark Run are utterly gorgeous, and no doubt would appeal to anyone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to their games.

You may be tentative and circumspect in the beginning, but the tutorial is enough to carry you forward. The gameplay is so challenging that your fingers feel the exuberance of a tap dancer.


There are four different buttons placed on the bottom left and right corners of the screen. There are 4 different Challenge modes that make Shark Run a fun and a thrilling game.


In every game mode when the arrows arrive in to the check box you have to press the similar buttons to earn points.  If you miss to catch the arrow before going through the check box you will be penalised for it.


The sound from the vigorous clicking gives a thrilling experience. The shipshape design is what separates this game from the rest. The music in sync makes the act scintillating. There are 10 levels available and as you progress the game becomes more challenging and fast paced.


I’ve been enjoying Shark Run so far, as it’s a challenging game to keep me entertained in my spare time. I highly recommend giving this game a try to check your finger speed.

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