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Roger Rocket! By [Review]


Roger Rocket! an excellent retro styled game by the developers at  When I grew up, I always enjoyed playing with retro consoles that only had 8-bit or 16-bit graphics, which were amazing at the time and I didn’t have any fancy consoles that kids nowadays have. While we’ve come a long way since then, it seems that everyone loves pixel art, which is apparent with the constant new releases that feature it.

RogerRocket2 RogerRocket3

Roger Rocket! has a great 90’s arcade styled sound track and matching 8bit imagery. Whether you’re of an age where it sparks memories of your childhood playing in arcades or the younger generation who want to discover what retro really is, Roger Rocket! is the answer. In Roger Rocket! your mission is to help Roger to travel through a dangerous field of debris to rebuild his ship and embark upon a new mission.

The mission seems to be simple in the beginning, but as you play the challenge magnifies and so is the thrill. The unevenly spaced meteors along the way makes the mission exciting. Your job is to collect the items that make up the Roger Rocket Space Craft and await further instruction as to a new mission. And to incentivise the player, shields are placed along the way which makes his mission a bit easier for a little while and urges him to keep pace with the game. On collecting Bomb when the opportunity arises will clear the screen of meteors, momentarily making life a little bit easier.

RogerRocket4 RogerRocket5

The animations in Roger Rocket are smooth and fluid. The sound effects are charming too. The controls are simple and responsive and no doubt you will be addicted. You will just want to beat your own score. There are so many additional features which you will discover as you play. Its been a while I started playing Roger Rocket and it reminds me of the good old days. Its worth checking out.


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