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Pipe Contextual Messenger by Hashpolls LLC [Review]


Pipe is the new age contextual messenger by the developers at Hashpolls LLC. Its a fantastic new way of communication which is fun, fast and easy. It’s your entire world in one dot.


The design of Pipe is beautiful. The Interface is simple and clean. You can select your own theme from settings. I have been using messenger apps like whatsapp, telegram, hike etc but this one is different. Pipe lets you communicate anything with a dot. You simply dot on your contact to get your message across. The best part is it doesn’t need words or stickers. It’s a zero-character messenger.

Imagine receiving a dot

When a breaking news story is released
For super-hot deals on mobile phones
For the best engineering internship opportunities
Best new blogs on higher studies in US
When your favorite band posted new video on YouTube
Trending Bollywood songs
When A.R. Rahman posts on Facebook
For top deals on Bangalore getaways

The list goes on and on. The dot delivers content or links instantly as they become available. Pipe opens the link inside the app, so you don’t have to switch to your browser.  You can also share the link with your Pipe friends or Facebook/Twitter friends.

If you find the content useful and great you can share it with your friends. You don’t have to switch to browser, the link opens inside the app. The app also stores the history of received messages.

The feature in Pipe which I love the most is ‘Dot with one word’. Sometimes, you may need a quick word to express or convey your thoughts, and a dot may just not be enough.

Pipe has super cool keyboard which consolidates the most frequently used SMS words such as LOL, H&K, 5N, LMAO, and much more. Just tap on these words to send dot with quick words. You can also add your own quick words.


Pipe eliminates texting, auto correct hassles, notifications for things you’re not interested in, and unnecessary messages. Dot is the smartest alternative to missed calls. It’s an entirely new way to communicate with your closest contacts.

I am using this app since few days and I am having fun using this App. This one simple little app has changed the way of communication. Just dot. No text. No stickers. No picture. No drama.


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