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Mad Cows’ Maze By Dariusz Bukowski [Review]


Mad Cows’ Maze is an incredibly challenging game by Dariusz Bukowski. A thrilling strategic game. It is one of those games that will not let you stop playing.


The design of Mad Cows’ Maze is superb and the graphics are stunningly beautiful. The visuals are simple and clean which separates it from the rest. Animations in the game are insanely smooth.


Controls in Mad Cows’ Maze are simple and intuitive. The myriad colors enhance the environment and with the music in sync make the acts scintillating. The gameplay is extremely challenging. All you have to do is try out different strategies to beat your enemies – move silently past them, hide behind the corners of the complex dungeons or collect the rubies, which can be traded for the powerful items that will help you on your adventure.


The game excites, titillates and invigorates the player. To top things off the game Mad Cows’ Maze has pleasing sound effects. The dark colored surrounding in sharp contrast to soft colored characters is awesome.


To be honest, the games like these are hard to put down. I had to try a lot of strategies to overcome the maze with mad cow and I am enjoying ever since I started playing and no doubt, you will be addicted.

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