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Riding Space By Zombie Brothers Games


Riding Space is a game available for both Android and iOS in which the main objective is to control the free fall of the main character: an intrepid astronaut who is willing to do anything to end his mission.

The mechanics of the game is really simple: We control the movements of the player using the accelerometer of our smartphone and with subtile touches on the screen. Riding Space is a game that “traps” and makes you quickly enter in this space adventure.

As we advance in the game we will have to overcome obstacles of all kinds, plus many enemies that will do anything possible to make us not reach our destination. To complete our mission, we have the 3 powers at the disposal of our protagonist, and that will help us! First, the shield, which will make us immune to all obstacles, may even destroy many of them. Second, the rocket: an important aid to destroy almost everything that we find and can help us to get out of tough situations. The last power, will be making ourselves the power smaller, with which we will be able to go through small spaces.

The game also features checkpoints every 5000 points. The first checkpoint appears with only 1000 points, so you do not have to start from the beginning of the game and also we get a gift of a power of each type. In addition, to increase playability, also it has tables with global rankings to compete for being the World No.1.
Riding Space is an original and simple game. Designed for having fun quickly, when and where we choose.


How To Play.

– Tilt your device to the right to move right
– Tilt your device left to move left
– Click on the screen to descend faster
– Double tap the screen to turn protection shield
– Slide your finger on the screen up (Swype up) to launch a rocket
– Slide your finger across the screen down (Swype down) to decrease in size

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