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Reapers : Blades of Vengeance By GIX Entertainment

Blades Of Vengence1

Strategy based game (like Clash of Clans style games) tinged with action RPG points. Also we adopt Steam Punk world view on it.

Blades Of Vengence2

Each player will have their own dungeon called ‘hideout’ and they have to build robust hideout with units called ‘Automata’ and devices called ‘Traps’.

Blades Of Vengence3

In order to build Automata or Traps players need resources and it can be obtained by building resource production facilities or loot other players’ hideout.

Blades Of Vengence4

The different point with other strategy games is that when player attacks other to loot their recourses, players can select one of 3D characters called ‘Reaper’ and can control like action RPG game.

Blades Of Vengence5

So players can experience both tactical and action games’ fun points.

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