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Memory & Disk Scanner Pro – Check System Information By Phan Minh Nhut [Review]


 Memory & Disk Scanner Pro – Check System Information, a most useful and powerful app by Phan Minh Nhut.  Before talking about the features of the app, let me just talk about its design. The design of the App Memory & Disk Scanner Pro  is neat and simple. Its has a very user friendly interface. Navigating around in Memory & Disk Scanner Pro is easy, and the app is fast and responsive.

The main view in Memory & Disk Scanner Pro features two sections that are “Memory Scanner” and “Disk Scanner”.

* “Memory Scanner” helps you clean RAM to get more free RAM for your device. In some case, this may improve performance or help you run another app which need more free RAM. This feature brings many benefits for devices with  low RAM.
* “Disk Scanner” will scan and then delete automatically junk or temporary files on your storage of device. It allows you to get more free space to store other data or refresh cache of other app. I recommend you to backup important data for the first run to avoid unexpected error that may cause loss of data..

MemoryDiskCleaner2 MemoryDiskCleaner3

Memory & Disk Scanner Pro also has features that help you see information of your device such as RAM usage, CPU Usage, Network. All the information are displayed in a very detailed manner.  One of the main reasons I am attracted to Memory & Disk Scanner Pro is its interface. It’s simple and clean with a flat aesthetic that fits in perfectly with iOS.


The app is available in App Store for free where you can use the two main features “Memory Scanner” and “Disk Scanner” 3 times and later you can buy it for $0.99. Its a must have App to keep track of your memory usage and to free up the memory space by cleaning the unwanted files or data.

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