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Matita – Sketch photo video By Per Pixel Software is a superb application for people who love creative photography.  The thing about Matita that caught my eye was the design — it’s gorgeous and the first glance will make you fall in love with it. When I first heard of Matita, I dint understand what Matita meant. Later I found out that the word Matita means pencil in Italian.


There are many apps where you click pics or record videos and then you edit. But in Matita you can create cartoons, sketches, pop arts in real time.  The design of Matita  is simple and clean. It’s minimalistic, which is welcome for an app like this as it puts the focus on the photos and videos themselves.


Matita is a very easy to use application. You will learn all its features very soon. You will simply remain surprised, wherever you are, having a look at the beauty of things in sketch, comic, cartoon…Style! The artistic effects in the app are simply superb and no doubt you will be taken away. And the feature which many love the most is the selfie. One can make pencil sketches, cartoons of themselves and have fun sharing with your friends.  Also you can apply the effects to the existing photos in your album.


I’ve only spent a bit of time with Matita so far, but already I’m enjoying using it. I highly recommend checking out Matita and share your creative arts with your friends.

Here are some of the quick tips :

* Camera Zoom in and out by sliding two fingers on the screen
* Tap the circular colored to open the effect chooser
* Open the sliders to customize your effects
* Tap the icon representing the circular arrow to move from the camera mode to video mode
* Tap the icon representing the two arrows for a random effect
* Tap the paper icon to import your own photo from your album
* Enable High video quality from settings menu

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