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DroidJoy virtual Gamepad By Florian Grill


Use your smartphone as PC gamepad and play your favorite games.

DroidJoy will turn your Android smartphone in a real gamepad device for your Windows PC. It offers a huge amount of controller configurations, so that you can individually use it for multiple game genres.



DroidJoy is not a simple keyboard mouse emulator, it is a real gamepad. The driver and the server will be available for Windows XP and higher.


Even 64 bit OS will be supported. The server can handle up to 4 DroidJoy clients so that you can easily play multiplayer games with your friends by only using your smartphones.


Version 1.0.0

– Real gamepad emulation
– Multi client support
– Up to 18 Buttons
– Buttons, d-pad, left/ right joystick
– Allow usage of volume buttons
– Use WiFi or Bluetooth connection
– Gamepad layout configuration
– Easy server client connection

And many ideas for the next release .
For more information visite:

Get the full Version and the free demo version

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