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Brownout, City Wide Edition By Oslm Studio 99


With power across the entire city knocked out, it’s your job to restore it. Start by selecting any district on the city display map, this will take you to the deactivated area where you will begin.

What you will first notice is that each area has two separate panels that need to be restarted. The panels will be loaded with a preset number of deactivated capacitors. These capacitors will have a possible total power range of 100 to 200% per panel. You must restore 100% power to both of the panels for the system to be reactivated.


Above the panels, on an overhead crane you will see the Terradyne Particle Emitter. This powerful device is capable of instantly charging each capacitor to it’s maximum power rate. Using your finger, you can drag the emitter to the left or the right along the upper track.

Taking your finger off the emitter will trigger the release of the energy ball, so make sure you are over the panels before you remove your finger. There are no time limits imposed upon you for completing the level, so you can freely take your time.


Once released, the energy ball will reactivate any of the capacitors it comes into contact with. A capacitor can only be activated once and will only recharge the panel they are placed in. If you have successfully hit the right combination, the panel will be restarted (as indicated by flashing blue). If you go over the maximum power limit of 100% in any of the panels, the system will overload (as indicated by flashing red)


You have a limited number of shots per level to use and you will see these displayed above on the overhead crane. So choose your shot locations carefully and keep track of what you have activated. The game fully loads with 3 different cities to play, with each city having 12 different areas to select from.


Brownout, City Wide Edition is a new puzzle game for all gamers. This app has been designed to work on several different types of mobile devices that use android API 13 and above. The game has been rendered in 720 HD and works only in landscape mode.

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