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Sweerty Lite By Sergey Nikiforov


Sweerty Lite – this is a colorful, puzzle game, with clear rules and with a difficult decision.


It is necessary to help the protagonist to seat his friends so that all were satisfied with the party.


The rules:
● Place the Cubch onto the field to fill in all the blank space cookie of happiness.
● Cubch fills all cells horizontally and vertically with the cookie of happiness if there is no cakes or hamburgers.
● The Cubch cannot be located opposite another Cubch.
● The number on the cake denotes how many Cubch should stand next to it.
● The Cubch should not stand next to a hamburger.


Features of the Sweerty Lite:
● Free.
● 54 levels.
● Interesting gameplay.
● Educational for all ages.
● Funny characters.
● Colorful graphics.
● Fun music.

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