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Search Buddy By Letlhogonolo Segoe


Search Buddy is an application for people who have a casual interest in a particular topic, and would like to monitor the interwebs for any information, new or old about that topic.


The topic does not have to be the hottest trending news in social media, its more for topics that have long since cooled down and unless you actively search for the information, it won’t be readily available. Like; news about your favourite celebrity; news about a particular technology you’re looking forward to but its years away so you want old and new information about the technology; news about a favourite old tv show, or any information about a topic that is currently not hot at the moment.

With Search Buddy you configure the topic, search keywords, forget about the topic, and let the application alert you of any old or new news related to that topic, as and when it finds it.
Search Buddy also allows you to save search results for future reference, so the information it finds on the interwebs .


Search Buddy Features:
• Search Buddy will retrieve new and old information about configured topics daily and automatically alert the user of new results.
• The links and descriptions of search results are stored for future reference and can also be exported to a comma separated file on the device.
• Archive topics the user no longer wants to be updated automatically.


Please note:
Search Buddy does not necessarily search for the latest information, so some of the results might be dated, but the aim of the application is to casually search for any information about a topic old or new.

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