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Makibot – The Forest Journey [Review]


Makibot Forest Journey is an adventures fun game by Fabrizio Michels. Before going to gameplay let me talk about the design. The Graphics in Makibot Forest Journey is stunningly beautiful.


The journey of the character, a high-tech steampunk robot through the forest is adventurous and enticing. It makes you feel one among him.


The game teases and challenges your sporting genes. Each level in the game is designed brilliantly.  The controls in Makibot is simple and responsive.The snatching of cool treasures on the journey titillates the adventurous streak of the player and eggs him on to seek more and more.


The excitement reaches its crescendo as he conquers each level. The terrains at irregular intervals makes the game chillingly thrilling. To top things of the music in sync with the gameplay make the acts scintillating.


Description : 

Makibot is a fun game that features a high-tech steampunk robot that journeys through one of the strangest and most dangerous worlds you may have ever seen. Your goal is to overcome all traps and enemies to escape to freedom. Can you survive the adventure through this mysterious forest?
Have fun in this free addictive mix of puzzle, jump and run platform game. Download and play now.


– No ads on game view
– Challenging side scrolling adventure game
– 20 fantastic levels
– Excellent graphics design
– Lots of cool treasures to snatch from the brink of doom
– Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience
– High scores system

MakiBot Banner

– Run and jump to avoid traps and enemies
– Solve puzzles to find a way to the next level
– Be quick and precise, don’t panic
– Collect coins and gems to buy invincibility shields

Makibot: a must play! If you enjoyed the most popular side-scrolling games of the past, prepare yourself for Makibot!

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