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Chameleon Falls By Poke The Bear [Review]


Over the years, the endless runner genre exploded with hundreds of titles, including popular games like Temple Run, Subway Surf.  However, over time, these games grew a bit old and tiresome, at least to me. I was waiting for something different, something that stands out from the rest. And over the weekend, I found that with Chameleon Falls.


The game Chameleon Falls by the developers at Poke The Bear has brilliant graphics. This unique runner game starts with a introduction level. This level explains all the controls in the game.

And there are 9 levels which are completely different and the design of each level is incredibly magnificent.


The ability of the chameleons to change colors has been used creatively in the game. There are two controls in the game, one to avoid the obstacles and the other to match the color with the chameleon making it challenging, titillating and exciting.

To make it more challenging, there are 4 Unlockable Randomly generated practice challenge runs, including an infinite runner.


The game teases and challenges your sporting genes. To top things off the game Chameleon Falls has pleasing sound effects.



To be honest, the games like these are hard to put down. I have been enjoying ever since I downloaded and no doubt, you will be addicted too.

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