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VIPole Secure Messages & Calls By Hiliard Management [Review]

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Today, with all the talk of NSA and other “Big Brother” type organizations looking into everything we do and say, it’s nice to know that some places on the web are still a safe haven for chatter. For anyone who wants to get back to the good old days of when private messaging meant private, VIPole Secure Messenger is the ideal solution for you.


Available for both mobile and desktop devices, this can be the ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep what they say between just themselves and the recipient of the message. VIPole uses a variety of high-end encryption tools to make sure that anything sent or received across the network is kept away from any kind of surveillance or nosey individuals wishing to find out things they have no right to know.

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What you say in your own free time is purely that’s yours – it shouldn’t be content for someone else to read. To put an end to this problem once and for all, you should look into using VIPole for sending messages, making calls and storing sensitive data; it can be used across Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android mobile devices so you can get in touch with millions of people across the web!
Interested in chatting behind a closed-off platform that is safe and secure once again? Then download VIPole here!

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Key Features
• VIPole provides a wealth of interesting features for you; it’s not just some generic instant messenger. You can send messages, speak in groups between other users, enter voice and video calls and also send files across a totally secure platform.
• This means that you no longer need to worry about someone who has no business reading your conversations or viewing your files sticking their nose in! Chat in total freedom and confidence that your messages will stay entirely private and encrypted at all times.

• Having high levels of security is so important to the long-term future of our civilization; without having any belief that you are allowed to act with free will, how can we ever expect to progress? Without making grandiose gestures, VIPole offers a nice little bastion away from large sections of the web that are no longer as secure as they once were.
• Files can be sent and received across VIPole and be safely encrypted for arrival at the other end – they can be downloaded at any time via a virtual drive, and this means that you able to have a file that only you and the sender or recipient can actually decrypt and use – VIPole also stores up-to-date backups all the time thanks to automatic sync.

• Store your account details and information in a safe & easy to find location – VIPole is more than just a messenger, you can organize your day and your thoughts in here without anyone ever knowing. Keep your vital details here for fast reference in the future, safe in the knowledge that only you can access them.
• Make sure you never forget anything again with notes and task managers that can give you all the help you need in planning out your day and getting everything completed well on time!

• And much more!
Interested in making your life easier and restoring a bit of confidence in the web again? Then you can download VIPole for Android devices here, and start messaging with freedom for as long as you want secure through a secure channel.

An incredibly magnificent Android App with bucket full of features by the developers at Hiliard Management . And there is no compromise for the Design . The App is very user friendly .The controls in the App are very simple and responsive.

Once you install you have to register. On confirming you registration you are ready to go. VIPole Secure Messenger features a simple and clean design that fits in well with the overall aesthetics of almost all versions of android OS.

I highly recommend this app for secure communication. A must app in every smart phone.

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