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Squirreled By Andrew Chew [Review]


SQUIRRELED a brilliant  math game combining learning with fun. If you enjoy playing math games then you will like what’s in store in SQUIRRELED.

squirreled2   squirreled3

Let me talk about the design of SQUIRRELED before going to its gameplay. The visuals in SQUIRRELED are minimalistic but elegant, something which I like  to see in a math  game. The graphics in SQUIRRELED are utterly magnificent. The myriad colors enhance the environment and with the music in sync make the acts scintillating.

squirreled4  squirreled5

The exotic colors beautifully bring alive the characters in all their acts. The controls are responsive and intuitive. The characters that you control are fun to see, and the game runs smoothly without any lag on my iPhone 6.

To talk about gameplay, the character in the game ‘Squirrel’ must collect tasty acorns to survive in the winter season. Squirreled provides simple fun gameplay for everyone with plenty of replay value.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app is completely new app with 3 levels and 150 rounds.


SquWatch2 SquWatch3 SquWatch4

Squirreled is updated with brand new story and animations for iPhone/iPad, choose your character, larger level maps and much more. I highly recommend giving this game a try to increase your math speed.

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