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myPocketLists By Tuplebits


myPocketLists is a feature packed and easy to use mobile app that maintains your grocery lists, shopping lists, notes, reminders and everything else you need to have at your finger tips:

Whether you are on the go, shopping at your local grocery store, shopping at the mall or planning to go to gym, you can use myPocketLists to keep track of all items that need to be bought or checked.

myPocketLists includes a robust engine with built-in templates such as shopping mall list, grocery list, workout list and more. Built-in templates allows to simplify your shopping process by managing list items just with a single tap.

However, Pro Version of this app allows you creating your own templates and store literally any types of list such as notes, tasks, to-do items, reminders as well as customized shopping mall list, grocery list, or your work out schedule.

Unlike most other apps, myPocketLists provides very simple and intuitive interface and data sharing features that differentiate this app among many other apps in this category. You can share your reminders with members of your family, friends or teams at work via email and SMS.

*** Standard Features ***

⤇ Create and manage custom list items, including attributes such as quantity, units, categories
⤇ Templates with over 1000+ items, including:
⤇ Free access to built-in grocery list template with over 500+ items grouped into categories
⤇ Free access to built-in shopping mall template with over 300+ items grouped into categories
⤇ Free access to built-in work out template with over 200+ items grouped into categories
⤇ Recent list to ease access for items recently added into your shopping, grocery or work out lists
⤇ List Share – Allows to share grocery, shopping or exercise lists by text or email with your friends or family
⤇ Lists clean – cleans up your pocket or recent lists just in one click
⤇ Color themes
⤇ Templates with over 1000+ items

For only $.99 you can install a Pro version of the app that delivers unique user experience and extra features such as:

*** Pro Features ***
⤇ Disable In-App Advertisements
⤇ Data Backup
⤇ Free Upgrades
⤇ Custom templates – a unique feature that allows you creating your own template(s) for all your needs
⤇ Priority Support & Missing Feature Request – allows you not only to obtain support when you need it, but also submit a request for adding new features. We carefully evaluate request from our users in include valuable features into application road map.

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