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Land of Battles By Azzoz Al-Hasani

Land of Battles is an incredbley challenging international online game by Azzoz Al-Hasani. A thrilling strategic game. It is one of those games that will not let you stop playing.

To talk about the design of Land of Battles, the graphics in Land of Battles are outstanding. The visuals are simple and clean which seperates it from the rest. To top things off the music in the game makes the act scintillating. The controls in the game are responsive and intuitive.

LandOFBattles1 LandOFBattles3

The gameplay is challenging. In Land of Battles one has to build their own village. Then he has to improve the village to increase the producing amount for the village resources. The buildings in the villages are built to train the army and prepare them to battle against the enemies.

LandOFBattles4 LandOFBattles5

I am in love with the game since I have started playing. It is so thrilling to battle and conquer villages. A must try for all the gaming freaks out there.

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