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iFitunes By Simona Boccuzzi


iFitunes allows you to listen up to the latest 5 Les Mills releases in a very simple and clean app. You can listen to all the songs on Spotify, YouTube and Grooveshark for free. This keeps your workouts always with you.

If you don’t have the time to search online and create playlists of your favorite Les Mills workouts, iFitunes keeps it simple and lets you listen to the latest track lists online. From now on you will always have the top 10 Les Mills routines and their track list in your pocket.

Every quarter, the Les Mills routines will be updated with the new release including: exercises with tracks and durations, and bonus tracks.

iFitunes includes exercise types, song durations, track titles, and artist names for the top 10 Les Mills classes available around the world:
– BodyAttack
– BodyBalance
– BodyCombat
– BodyJam
– BodyPump

– BodyStep
– BodyVive
– Sh’Bam
– Grit Strength
– Grit Plyo
– Grit Cardio

We keep it simple so you keep fit!

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