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Falling Feathers

falling feathers

There are 18 Billion chickens in the world what if one day they all turned bad!
Take control of good chicken and help her out run the Falling Feathers.

falling feathers1
Simple controls touch the left side of the screen to move left, touch the right side to move right.
Outrun the feathers as your falling down between platforms and avoiding the bad chickens, get hit by the falling feathers and you will become the bad chicken!

falling feathers2

Falling down between platforms gains 1 point, pick up a gold feather to score points faster and defeat a bad chicken to gain a multiplier.
Aim for high scores and collect points as you go to unlock a 3000 word b-movie style short story.

falling feathers3

Short Story Extract:
Suddenly there was a bright flash in the sky, so bright it made good chickens eyes hurt. The little human gave a cry of fear and dropped the bucket. She turned around and ran back to the place where the humans lived.

falling feathers4

Good Chicken was staring at the falling skies. She was scared and ran away to hide in one of the coops that they had made their home.
Good Chicken slowly built up her courage to peek at the falling skies again. She realise It was nothing to be afraid of it was just falling feathers. Good Chicken almost left the coop, even though she was still afraid. But then the strangest thing happened. One of the feathers landed on one of Good Chicken friends. At first it seemed like nothing was wrong until the chicken started acting oddly. She rammed into another chicken, without warning, shoving her over and over towards a fence.

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