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EZ PZ RPG by Reality Squared Games [Review]


 EZ PZ  an adventurous role playing game from the developers at R2Games. When it comes to Role Playing games you become one with the character. That is why I love these games. EZ PZ RPG is among the first games in an increasingly popular genre focusing on passive progression.

Before I get into the gameplay, I want to talk about the design.
The Graphics in this game are incredibly magnificent. The bright and vibrant color makes the game look realistic and stunningly gorgeous. The dark surroundings in sharp contrast to soft colored characters is awesome. The myriad of colors enhance the environment and with the music in sync make the acts scintillating. The visuals in the game are another contributing factor to what drew me in to the game in the first place.


In EZ PZ RPG, the gameplay is constant, so player characters are always getting stronger, even when not actively playing the game. It evokes the same feelings hardcore role playing games do, while remaining accessible to new and experienced gamers alike.


Brought to you by R2Games, EZ PZ RPG executes this concept eloquently, always giving players a goal to aim for, and multiple ways to achieve it.

Face enemies head on, craft weapons, armor, and trinkets, or focus on your hired companions; The choice is yours!



Game Features:

Online PvP – Face off against other players from around the world in a test of strength and wit in several modes of combat.
Community – Form guilds to take on the biggest challenges together, and compete with rivals to prove your worth and secure your position on the leaderboards.
Full RPG experience – Discover new zones, gain levels, learn abilities, recruit companions, find loot, and craft gear! Every aspect of a classic RPG is adapted to create a truly unique and addictive experience.

Select from one of three unique classes and dive into one of the simplest, yet deepest mobile RPG titles of the year.

EZ PZ offers non-stop action as a unique hybrid, so if you want the full hardcore RPG experience, but don’t want any of the extras that come along with it, this is the game for you! I have been loving this game till now and its worth the time. Its available for both android and iOS. Start Playing !

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