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Evade Maze

When it comes to games I always prefer playing fast paced ones. This is why I could not resist myself downloading Evade Maze from the app store.

Evade Maze a fun and fast-paced game by Comis d.o.o. is a very addictive game, where you need to Evade space objects! To talk about its design, Evade Maze has a dark background with soft colored Aliens which gives a soothing effect. The animations in the game are gorgeous.

The music in sync with the gameplay makes the game exhilarating. The controls in the game are super simple and responsive. The graphics in Evade Maze is incredibly superb. The visuals in Dice Mogul are minimal and elegant which separates it from the rest.

The game looks simple and easy in the beginning, but as we ascend the thrill as well as the challenge escalates.
I highly recommend giving this game a try if you enjoy fast paced games.

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