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Bat Attack By Blue Smith

icon66Bat Attack is a cool classical game similar to space invaders with bats instead and a lot of blood gore and comical media with a funny story line.

The story starts when the main character ‘Dave’ is driving on his honeymoon with his wife Betty when an Evil bat swoops down and take his dearly beloved off. You have to get Betty back by using the guns available to your disposable. When the bats are killed they make a mess all over the ground and sometimes drop weapons they have devoured.

BatAttack1 BatAttack2

There are three weapons available handgun / shotgun / and machine, all useful in there own way. There are three bosses to kill that can be tricky, but don’t let them take your head.
There is a lot of cool phrases within the game that Dave uses to taunt the bats.
The Graphics to the game are simple but cool and made to look as 16 Bit game set in a graveyard scene.

BatAttack3 BatAttack4

There are cool special effect like the blood than spatters everywhere. The sound are cool and atmospheric for the scene set. The controls are well made for a tablet or phone.
The game has two modes of play Story or Arcade. The game was made by a one man army of one man, o and his dog.

BatAttack5 BatAttack6

Defeat the bats in this comical retro game and save your Betty. Battle you way through the story or just play arcade mode.

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