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The Last Dodo By Shaun HIrst


The Last Dodo a endless, amusing game by Shaun Hlrst. I always loved playing endless games as it always teases to beat our own score. The game The Last Dodo looks simple, but its really puts ones’s skill into test.

The player thinks of taking the flightless Dodo Bird to the highest level, but the task is tougher than he thinks. But only the one with perfect hand eye coordination can take the Dodo to a highest level.

The levels are so uncannily placed, the player will find the task of taking the Dodo to the next levels challenging .

The colour of the Dodo Bird with the soft coloured ambience is soothing to the eyes. You get enamoured by the jumping hero, the Dodo and feel like taking it to the highest level.

It is so exhilarating you just keep your finger busy. The background music is enthralling and makes you keep playing.



The gameplay is extremely challenging and the controls in the game are easy and intuitive, as they just involve you tapping to make it jump. The precise placement of the obstacles make the game a challenging one.

A must try for all those who love playing addictive games.

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