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Spinster Match 3 By LocoBright

Spinster1    Spinster2

Spin on in to Spinster and enjoy a fun new Spin on the classic match 3 game. Just line up 3 or more matching tiles and score!!

From basic pairs to lines, rectangles, squares, plusses and fives, Spinster’s six unique spin moves will challenge you to spin your way to new achievements and ever-higher record scores!

Spinster includes 48 progressively more difficult levels, along with 6 open levels of timer-based movement and 6 open levels of move-limited challenge, with achievements and leaderboards for every level!

Three Power-Up moves are at your disposal to really push for record progress! You can earn Power-Ups simply by playing, or by scoring enough points to earn stars, or by purchasing them through In-App purchases. Click on the icons to use the Power-Ups, but be careful – they are limited:
– More Life (Heart): Gives 10% more moves and/or time for any level
– Color Bomb (Bomb): Allows color-bombing of one color of tile
– Best Move (Light-bulb): Automatically makes the best available move

Spinster3  Spinster4

Spinter’s six move types bring a tricky spin to the game and keep the game challenging and fun!! Each level features a specific move — the available moves are:
– Pairs: Touch adjacent tiles to spin pairs
– Lines: Touch two tiles to mark the ends and spin any horizontal or vertical line of tiles
– Rectangles: Touch two tiles to mark the corners and spin any rectangle of tiles
– Square: Touch two tiles to mark the corners and spin any perfect square of tiles
– Plus: Touch a tile to spin a plus-shaped grouping of tiles
– Fives: Touch a tile to spin a five-shaped grouping of tiles

Bring your skill,, your concentration, your dexterity and your perseverance, and welcome to Spinster!!
Good Luck, and Happy Spinning!!!

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