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App Store Optimisation to Boost Downloads using Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is the most well know ASO (App Store Optimisation) tool you can find on the internet. I have been using it for a while and thought of writing about the service with some interesting features and tips on how to effectively use the tool and achieve amazing results.



Selecting Keywords

Sensor Towers most strongest feature and in the centre of ASO, it lets you select the most profitable and discoverable keywords for your app. Since you have a limit of 100 characters for the keywords section in the app store, this make’s effective use of the best keywords for your app.It even provides valuable tips on how effectively manage your keywords like plural variations, keyword suggestions, skip app name keywords, commas etc.

Its a wise choice to choose the keywords with least difficulty and best traffic without compromise on the usefulness of the keyword. So try to keep some keywords in the top 10 or 20’s and then target for most difficult ones in the later stages.

You can even target audiences in different countries by using the one-click translation availabe in sensor tower. Within seconds your app will be optimized for various markets.


Keyword Spying

If you are about to launch a new app , or want to get the secret keywords of your competitors, this tool will allow you to search for any app on the store and list down its possible keywords and its usage. You can try to find out many of your competitors keywords and get the best possible shortlisted to use in your app description or keyword space. This is a very helpful tool in analysing the keywords of your rivals and get ranked better.

Sensor Tower provides a detailed match-up of the keywords that you are using and the competitor, and which ones are shared. You can make a better choice in deciding to add any excellent keyword that you can find.


Keyword Optimisation

Sensor tower provides a useful feature called keywords optimisation to take full advantage of the iOS keywords area. You can automatically import or manually enter the keywords which will provide a appropriate feedback to get the maximum results. Like duplicate keywords from the app name, plural forms or remaining spaces etc. Check it out. This small change might drive a huge traffic flow for your app.



User Interface– Easy to use interface and design makes it easy to use and learn even for a beginner. I found it easy to use even in the first day of my subscription and had no issues. In fact any beginner would understand the powerful features of sensor tower on few minutes of use. But continuous practise and understanding of the tool will make it more useful.


Spy on Competitor– Just enter the name of the app you want to spy and instantly it scans for possible keywords and their traffic that even you could try to get some relevant targeted downloads. Search any app and you can find the keywords that they use to get good downloads. This is the best way to get downloads for simialr apps.


Keyword Score– This is the main feature of the Sensor tower tool as it gives you clear and accurate score of the keyword like Difficulty and Traffic. The best formula is to choose the keywords that is comparatively easier to rank for with best suitable and relevant traffic score.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 5.32.33 am

Review Analysis– The ability to analyse your apps/competitor’s app reviews over a period of time or for a specific period, will help developers to have a deeper understanding of their apps engagement and also spy on the competitors review to understand what features are lacking to attract those users through your next update. An overlooked and a powerful feature to not only understand your user’s behaviour , but also useful for mining those hidden keywords that could lead to a lot of downloads.

Keyword Suggestions– Not everybody who starts using this tool is a pro. You can easily get to learn a lot of things as you use it and there seems to be a lot of suggestions like potential keyword search , optimum keyword usage suggestions etc.




Price for Indie – As the indie pricing starts at $79 per month, a lot of indie game studios and startups, they are not willing to spend due to their relatively low income and financial constraints. Moreover some of the awesome features like the keyword analysis and review analysis are only available in the higher and more expensive plans.



Working with the best ASO tool in the industry, I definitely feel this is one of the essential tools for any app developer especially for the iOS market to keep up with the market and drive guaranteed downloads. The friendly user interface coupled with the most amazing keyword suggestions and statistics makes this a winner.

Although reducing the price will open this tool to a lot of potential indie game developers, this will help give a more powerful tool to the indie developers to market their apps which they should be doing.





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