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Daktylos By SempaiGames


Game Review :

Daktylosare is a challenging endless game from the developers at Sempai Games.  Its a kind of game where you are never satisfied playing. You just want to beat your previous high score. Also you always try to make it to the top in the leaderborad.

The graphics in Daktylosare are stunningly magnificent. I mean, it’s not always about how a game looks because gameplay is more important, but this one is amazing. The controls in Daktylosare are super simple and responsive.

The myriad colours enhance the environment and with the music in sync make the acts scintillating. The dark colored surrounding in sharp contrast to soft coloured characters is awesome.  The game teases and challenges your sporting genes.



I’ve been enjoying Daktylosare so far, as it’s a challenging game to keep me entertained in my spare time.

Daktylosare  game amuses as well as challenges your intrinsic skill. I highly recommend giving this game a try.

Description :

Daktylos is a shy pterodactyl that made friendship with Barsu, a caveman that likes to hit everything with his club. Together they fly around the world hitting pteros and other cavemen while avoiding lethal sea monsters and meteorites.

Daktylos is a casual arcade game ideal for mobile devices: It has simple controls (it’s not easy though), nice graphics and a good sound art, all in just 18Mb.

The art work will remind you about classic old games like “Prehistorik 2” or “Earthworm Jim”, while at the same time the game controls reminds to newer one-finger games like “Flappy Birds”.

For those who like to compete with friends, it has several leaderboards and 51 achievements integrated with Game Center and Google Play Games.


The objective is simple: Survive in this prehistoric world full of dangers and enemies. Collect as many coins as you can and trade them to get great power-ups and amazing weapons and helmets for Barsu, the caveman.

To begin the game, just tap on the screen to flap and fly. Swipe your finger to move faster. Fly near the enemies (birds and cavemen) to hit them. Avoid the meteorites and sea monsters.


An energy bar on top of the screen shows how much energy is available to speed up your flight. Catch the food falling from the trees to refill it.

The game is available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android devices and it’ll be soon available for BlackBerry 10 as well.

Get it free at:

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