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Color Flow – Best puzzle drawing game with 375 free levels


The Color Flow is an addictive and challenging puzzle game by Edgar Waibel. This  is one of those games that you will keep playing, because it gives you that “just one more level” mentality.

The game Color Flow is lighter and filled with brighter, more vibrant colors, which is a nice touch. The illumination effect, if you can achieve it, is a visual treat.

The nimble fingers help in the flow of the myriad colors. As the level rises it comes out with stunningly beautiful art.


The Animations in Color Flow are smooth and fluid, and the soothing soundtrack urges the player to move on to the next higher level and make that art dazzle even further.

The visuals in Color Flow are minimal and elegant something I always like to see in a puzzle game.

The controls are super simple and responsive. The elegant and the shipshape design is what separates this game from the rest.


Description :

“Color Flow” is an addictive puzzle game that has 375 free levels organised by board size (from 5×5 to 9×9) and difficulty (easy, medium, hard). Hints are available if you ever get stuck.You get 10 free hints when you download the free game. More hints and 375 additional levels (from 10×10 to 14×14) are available for purchase.
10 gamecenter achievements with a total of 610 points (150pts from free packs, 460pts from premium packs) are available for each pack you complete perfectly.

How to play:
• Pair up all the matching dots on the board by dragging single continuous lines between them
• Lines cannot branch off or cross over each other
• Cover the entire board to solve each puzzle

– Content
• 375 free puzzles
• 5 different board sizes
• Night Mode on/off
• No Time Limit
• Additional level packs available for purchase

– Challenge
• Game Center achievements as you complete packs


– Look & Feel
• Smooth, polished touch interaction
• Fun sound effects
• Clean animations
• Labels available for color impaired players

– Support Universal App
• Try to enjoy the game using different devices.

I have been enjoying this game and highly recommend recommend giving this game a try if you enjoy color matching puzzle games.

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