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Jumping Ball


Jumping Ball is a free, addictive minimalist-style game with unique air resistance gameplay mechanics for controlling your ball character as you navigate along a series of platforms. Bounce your way from one platform to the next, controlling the trajectory of the ball by inflating or deflating to change the air resistance and speed. Does this sound easy? We guarantee that you skills and reflexes will be put to the test!

screenshot2         screenshot3            screenshot4

> Carefully tuned controls for challenging, responsive, fun gameplay
> Appealing, high contrast graphics design
> Elegantly simple UI design
> Delicious, catchy sound effects
> Compete with your friends on the Jumping Ball leaderboard!

Jumping Ball is designed to be a bite-sized game that can be picked up and enjoyed in short sessions, or for as long as you like! Play Jumping Ball at the bus top, on the train, or whenever you’re fighting boredom. Challenge the top spot on the Jumping Ball leaderboard now!

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